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  1. Please tell me, did Maharana Pratap and Akbar meet each other when they were teens? Also, did they ever meet Meera Baiji as shown by the TV series? Being a true Mewari, I cannot see the disrespect of the great ruler Maharana Pratap by manipulating History. Please reply and correct me if I am wrong

    1. You are right Anshul, this is manipulation of history and nothing else. Maharana Pratap never met Akbar as a teenager.
      The TV show is totally fictitious, this serial is 80% a work of imagination.


      1. Thanks a lot for the response! I am planning to lodge a complaint against the serial for showing all fake about the great legend. Would you support me? Could you provide me the written proof for the stories?

        1. Dear Anshul,

          There are several history books available in Rajasthani Granthagar – Jodhpur, but nothing much can be done as the serial makers always give a disclaimer in the beginning stating that it is a work of fiction and imagination.

    2. U are almost there. They did not meet when they were teen. The tv serial is giving fake news, however one news is correct that maharana pratap did go to look for meerabai ji after hearing her stories. 1 fact i m not sure of is that he really met her or not.

    3. equitably there are no historical versions about the meeting ofthose two great kings as there are no conditions . as far as meera bai ji ishe was aunt of maharana partap ji but they probably never met as meera ji fled the mewar too early than maharana partap had grown up , but it is said akbar had an intense desire to see meera ji and under disguise he went to meet her once under regards rajnish khosla jaimaata di.

  2. I am a rajput and I am take interested in rajput history specially mewar I am very thankful to read some story of mewar this site

  3. shree man shekawat sh. muje udaipur shar(parkote) ke under ki 150-200 vars ki architrecral etihas ke bare me janane ki jigyasa he. mohalle , haveliya, shadk, bawadiya, aadi ke bare me jankariya mil jay to aapkaki meharbani hogi

  4. Mewar is a place which has glorious history . Every rajuts proud of historical dids our forfathers do for us . we should grateful& not forget bravery ; Because our hidustani equivaents says : Like father Like son.

  5. I would like to know more details on rulers of Mewar after Maharana Amar Singh’s Son.Did afater Jagat Singh ..Mewar went away from this family?

  6. I am looking for the history of mewar region, as back as it goes some around 3000 B.C., early farmers of mewar .. Ahar banas culture, till Maharana pratap,
    Paintings , folk art, oral traditions, any thing which can show and explained the cultural values of this region. Kindly help and suggest