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  1. My name is Mahipalsinh P. Jadav. I am from Metral (panchmahal, Gujarat).
    very Nice post hokam.

  2. I really wanted to know the history of “BIKA RATHORES” as I am too a Bika Rathore..
    I feel proud being a Rajputani…..
    Jai Rajputana….

  3. जै माताजीरी, जय राजपूताना, जय मेवाड़, जय श्री राम. प्रदिपसिंह राठौर, गांव धरोई, बाड़मेर, राजस्थान. हाल गुजरात जिल्ला जामनगर शहर विश्व हिंदू परिषद् जिल्लामंत्री वर्ष 2016-2017.