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  1. Jitendra singh Shekhawat u mentioned the satrow jagir did u really know the history of satrow(saitrau).

      1. Question 1. Is satrow(Saitrau), chouhtan,are the part of barmer jagir( five kotris of bharaji(baranis)?

          1. Sir,

            You may please check with Rawat Tribhuwan Singh , he was the source of information as mentioned beneath the article.

  2. 23-03-1923 List of jagirdars villages in bikaner puralaikhagar barmer – village 66 satrao- 70 village chouhtan -42 shihani-14 village and Bisala -16 village all jagirdars are quite independent. even in barmer all bharni are equal in share and powers bharnis 66 villages equally divided in 5 kotaris 1.sahibani village 13.5 2.rawatani 13.5 rawat of barmer share 1/9 in rawatani kotari is 1.5 village in 1850 that time this land governed by supritentent of mallini Jackson pay 700 rupees per annum thakur of saitrao mal ji jagirdars of 35 villages in 1850 1/2 in saitrao 1/2 of ramsar song of charan sagto ji “sa hijabjada bhima sarkari indawat Ranjangi auwa tut upari” malji destroy auwa fort marwar cavalry in 1857 I have all documents of British government I can provide you hkm

  3. Rawat mean thakur family of lukaji jagirdars of barmer. Saitrao chohatan are rawat I can send you photograph of stone pillar in chouhtan vikram samvat 1659 title raut wife rani sodhi ji jasmati of chouhtan. saitrao and chouhtan jagirdars are from same family
    In 18th century jagirdars of saitrao and chouhtan adopted title thakur same meaning rawat rawal mean raja independent ruler